Saint Nicholas Plumbing and Heating are a fully licensed and insured company.  We handle most facets of the plumbing, heating, and fitting industry.  We specialize in residential work and take on all types of jobs of all different sizes!  Our dedication, enthusiasm, and attention to detail is equivalent on our large projects all the way down to our smallest service call job.   

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Saint Nicholas Plumbing and Heating
Saint Nicholas Plumbing and Heating offer a professional technical service within the Plumbing and Heating Services. We are situated in New York; distance is no object in our desire to offer a professional and efficient service to our customers.
01. Plumbing

Saint Nicholas Plumbing and Heating has been providing quality services to residential and business customers in USA and surrounds many cities since many years.

02. Drain Cleaning
Drain cleaning is our specialty. Saint Nicholas Plumbing and Heating professionals can quickly clean and repair clogs in your kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and toilets, bathtub and shower drains. .
03. AC Systems
Saint Nicholas Plumbing and Heating has a specialist team dedicated to the residential market. We install systems into all types of dwellings and all rooms, from the conservatory through to the living room, bedroom and loft conversion.
04. New construction

The vision of building a new home or business facilities or reforming, remodeling, refurbishing or simply maintaining a building can quickly turn to a nightmare without professional help from a qualified builder.